Who Are You & Why Does It Matter?

Who are you and why does it matter? Do we ever stop to think about who we are and why we are here? What does it all mean? What's the purpose? How can we find out?

Tell Me Who

If you have ever watched an episode of CSI or if you grew up in the right era you are probably familiar with the song, “Who Are You” by The Who. I’m not promoting the song or the band, but I do want to look at a few of the lyrics:

“Well, who are you?
I really wanna know 
Tell me, who are you? 
‘Cause I really wanna know

This is the chorus of that song and I don’t understand the other lyrics but I do understand this question, “Who are you?” It reminds me of the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland. He pushed Alice wanting to know who she was asking over and over, “Who are you?”

If we were to be asked this question what would our response be? Who are you? When you look in the mirror what do you see? When you are asked to describe yourself what words do you use? When a friend is asked to describe you what would they say? Who are you? Can you tell me who?

Who and Why

Who am I? Isn’t that the ever present question in many people’s mind? We send high school students off to college and the biggest thing they talk about is “discovering themselves.” They need to find out “who they are” and they are searching for their place in the world. If it’s not enough that we spend years trying to establish or “discover” ourselves then are left with the question of why does it matter?

On Sunday our Pastor spoke about how “decisions determine destiny.” The decisions we make determine where our life will lead. If we walk around in a haze for most of our life seeking to find ourselves we might not get around to understanding why we are here. Knowing who we are should only come from one source and it can’t be found in a college classroom or a backpacking trip around Europe. It can only be found in the One that created us.

Do we realize that there was only ever one time that God got messy? There was one time He put His hands into the dirt and decided to play in the mud. That one time was when He formed humanity. Let’s go deeper than that. If we look at the account of creation there was only one time He actually formed anything. Yep. Only once did He physically reach down to mold something. With every other thing in existence, He simply spoke and it was so. But with humanity, with you and with me, He stopped everything, reached down and took the time to put us together.

Just think about that. Humanity was so dear to God’s heart He put His hands in the dirt and molded every part of us.

Humanity Is Dear to God

Out of everything, sun, moon, stars, animals, water, flowers, cells, organisms, all of it, He only took the time to form us.

He spoke it all into being until He got to humanity and then He got intimate with it and took the time to form every cell and organ. 

The Search

If we set out in life to search for who we are before knowing the One Who made us we will come up empty. Sure, we can find jobs that we enjoy, families that help us feel happy, and ways to pass the time in life. But, nothing will ever truly answer that deep longing until we get intimate with the One who got intimate with us when He formed us out of dust.

The search for who we are can be cut short if we stop and realize WHOSE we are. Once we have that understanding then God can begin to release our purpose to us. Our decision to know God determines our destiny.

Understanding Why

Let’s say that I know who I am and Whose I am, now what? Now the journey begins. Knowing ourselves does not always mean that the “why” of our lives will be easy to discover, it simply makes the journey a little less complicated.

I can’t give you a formula prayer to pray or a verse to recite to make this any easier. It took me 20+ years and a whole lot of prayers and seeking, but the key was persistence. Just because answers don’t come easy does not mean they will not come. The best things in life are worth fighting and trying for so we just have to keep going after it.

If you are in that season of being secure in yourself but feel you are questioning why you are here, my one encouragement is this, don’t give up.

One thing we can be sure of with God is that if we seek, ask and knock He will answer, respond and reveal.

Answers are not easy. Sometimes they come through trial and error. That is okay. The most important thing to do is keep going. God has not and will never give up on you so don’t give up on Him. It may take three failed attempts to find the one thing that fits, but it is better to try then to quit.


So, who are you? You are a child of the Most High King, fearfully and wonderfully created for great works through Christ Jesus. Why does it matter? Because God has great things in store for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Who you are and why you are here matters. Never forget that and never give up on allowing God to show you the answers to both.

Live the Lovely



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