You Mean Butter Is Not Yellow?

You Mean Butter Is Not Yellow

The Butter & Cheese Discussion

Throughout the time, I have been blogging I have shared some deep, intimate moments of my life. Pornography and marriage, motherhood, and lies of my past, just to name a few. Today, though, I am going to share something that most people would not share in public, but because I love you and I want everyone to know the truth, I am going to share my latest revelation.

Cheddar cheese is not orange.

There I said it, I can breathe. Oh.

Are you laughing? If not you should be.

You Mean Butter Is Not Yellow?

Okay, allow me to explain how this shocking truth came out.

About a week ago now, my husband and I were out with our princes doing our normal weekly grocery round up. In the midst of shopping, we passed the cheese section. Well, Eleanor loves cheese so she was pointing and saying, “Bite, Bite.” I figured why not, let’s grab some cheese for her.

We go over and being a health conscious mom (sarcasm, sarcasm) I, of course, read the ingredients.

There it was, in plain sight “annatto.” WHAT! 

I thought okay, that’s just this one cheese, surely not all of them have that in them, right?


Orange cheese is a lie. Cheese is not orange. It was never meant to be orange and the orange we eat is a lie.

But wait, it gets worse.

After checking all the other cheese brands we went with a white cheese because it was natural and we could read all of the ingredients.

Fast forward to later that evening. I’m at home and my mom stops by to see Eleanor. As usual I had to share with her my deep revelation of the day. Once I had stopped laughing and she was just sitting there staring at me in disbelief I said, “What?” She asked, “What do they use to make butter? How does it get its color?” I was like, “I don’t know, they use corn oil or something.”

Then I busted out in hysterical laughing, fell on the floor and proclaimed, “YOU MEAN BUTTER IS NOT YELLOW?!”

Butter & Truth

By now you are probably thinking I am crazy. How could I live my whole life, all 27 years of it, and not know that butter was not yellow and cheese was not orange? Well, they always presented themselves that way, so why did I have any reason to doubt? Until taking a closer look I was living in the dark. I was naive. 

How often do we treat everything in life like that?

“Well if it looks like God or acts like God, then surely it is God, surely it’s truth?”

What if we stopped to investigate and take a closer look. What if instead of assuming the cheese is orange or the butter is yellow we stop to read the ingredients.

Are we letting things go because they “seem” good, but on the inside we know the ingredients contain dyes or additives?

Ingredients Matter

For years, I have eaten cheese and butter and never questioned what it was made of. I thought it was good, it tasted good, it even has a small place on the food pyramid. It must be good for me.

The same can be said about actions, beliefs, doctrines, mindsets, attitudes, etc. that we hold on to in our lives. We have “eaten” these things for years, some are even taught by believers, they must be good for us, but what are the real ingredients? What’s the truth of the matter?

Isaiah 5:20 puts it like this, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!”

The ingredients we choose to feed our soul matters. It matters to our spiritual well-being, it matters to our spouses, it matters to our children, it matters to everyone around us. We cannot afford to buy into lies just because they look appealing. We must read the ingredients. We must examine what looks appealing to the eye by what’s truth in the word of God.

Are there doctrines, ideas, attitudes you have held on to for years and you believe they are good because they are all you know but you just aren’t sure of all the ingredients? Maybe it is time to examine them for the truth. Hold them up to scripture and see how they compare.

If the butter is not naturally yellow what is in there that causes this? If life is not what it appears to be or my belief is not what I thought what are the truths I believe?

Live the Lovely





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