Let’s Raise Our Glass

Let's Raise Our Glass

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Clarifying: I am in NO way condoning drinking. This is a metaphorical glass that is supposed to represent life. Stick around to find out how this metaphor happened.

Raise Your Voice

Over the past few weeks, I have had the great pleasure to host so many wonderful women and share their stories of bravely stepping out or stepping up. It has been such an encouragement to read stories of overcoming, miracles, breakthrough, ministries starting, families coming together and so many other beautiful things. The aspect to the whole “Bravely Be You” series that I have enjoyed most is that these women were not afraid to raise their voice.

There are times in life when things will get us down. Battles will be fought and we will feel as though we have lost. In the face of loss, we can either choose to lay down and give up, or stand up and keep going. There have been so many stories of women digging their feet in, squaring their shoulders and declaring that they were not going to sit down, quiet down or back down. I love to see brave women of God embrace who they are in Christ.

Sharing a story of victory or bravery can do things that you might have never imagined. I had no idea how some of these stories would resonate, but they hit home with so many. If you have a story, if you have a journey that God has carried you through, don’t be afraid to raise your voice and celebrate where you are and where God has brought you from.

Raise Your Hands

When we celebrate the testimonies God has given us we turn our sorrow back to praise. We raise the white flag of surrendering our problems and grabbing hold of our freedom in Christ. Surrender is not a weakness when we choose to surrender to Christ. Living in complete surrender to Him is the strongest, bravest thing we can ever do in our lives. Without that, our lives are void of true victories or purpose.

Don’t be afraid to celebrate where you have been. It is okay to look back at times and rejoice in the fact that you have grown. It is not okay to look back and become infatuated with what once was. The Israelites became obsessed with where they had been and they forgot to raise their hands in praise for where God had brought them. Instead of celebrating, they were infamous for complaining.

I’ve been going through the book of Deuteronomy with Good Morning Girls and as we revisit the journey of the Israelites it reminds me of how important it is to see what is in front of you. If they would have only raised their hands to celebrate the miracles of God they could have avoided so much devastation.

Raise Your Glass

For the past two weeks or so, I have been completely captivated by John Mark McMillan’s “Live at the Knight.” For the introduction to “Love at the End” he tells a little back story to how the song came about. He shares that part of the meaning is that life is not about our accomplishments or accolades, it is about sitting with friends sharing about Jesus and raising our glass to hear that little “tink.”

His dialogue before that song has had me thinking a lot lately. “What do we come through trials for? What are we successful for? What are we here for?” He addresses these questions and it reminded me that we are here to celebrate Jesus. 

Let's Raise Our Glass

Ultimately, what we have, what we might accomplish, what we become, it is all for God’s glory. For us to be able to gather and share our stories, our victories, our brave moments, it is a way we can raise the glass and “tink” with each other in a celebration of all that God has done.

I shared recently (find the post here) about our struggles through April and how it really put us through the fire. It was hard to raise my voice, my hands or my glass, but in the midst of it all we kept going after God. It might not have felt like we were accomplishing much in the physical but in the spiritual we were breaking walls. Because of our determination and setting our face like flint (Isaiah 50:7) we were not put to shame and we came through stronger than we could have imagined. Are we out of the struggle completely? Not yet, but our mindset has changed and we have began to raise our voice, our hands and our glass and we are “tinking” to God’s goodness.

This is the beginning of a new week. Take time to raise your glass, that is your life, and recognize how faithful God is to His children.

“tink” Here’s to celebrating God’s goodness this week and always!

Live the Lovely


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